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Lab Snapshots

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In order to pro­vide inte­re­sted indi­vi­du­als with an even clo­ser look at my work, I pre­sent here a series of Lab Snap­shots show­ca­sing the results of my efforts in various fields of scien­ces. To faci­li­tate access for inter­na­tio­nal rea­ders, they are pre­sen­ted in English. Some of the fea­tu­red topics have alre­ady been the sub­ject of their own artic­les, while others will be descri­bed in more detail in the future. Each Snap­shot - except for the first, which has a more per­so­nal cha­rac­ter - also inc­lu­des a rele­vant biblio­gra­phy to faci­li­tate a more tho­ro­ugh explo­ra­tion of the sub­ject.


A few words about popu­la­ri­zing the exact scien­ces in gene­ral and my acti­vi­ties in this field:

  1. POP science time!

A touch of bio­logy:

  1. Ento­mo­logy, car­ci­no­logy et cae­tera
  2. Flo­wer under the micro­scope - ana­tomy of Ana­gal­lis arven­sis petal
  3. Micro­bio­logy
  4. Pale­on­to­logy or 'if these fos­sils could talk'
  5. Rea­ding the Gene­tic Code - Mole­cu­lar struc­ture of fer­ro­por­tin and its expres­sion pat­terns in Com­mon Carp Cypri­nus car­pio

Fan­ta­stic beauty of self-orga­ni­za­tion:

  1. Self-orga­ni­za­tion in the living world
  2. Self-orga­ni­za­tion in the non-living world

Bio­me­di­cal Engi­ne­e­ring:

  1. Arti­fi­cial blood ves­sel and other medi­cal phan­toms

Work­shop of phy­sics:

  1. Elec­tro­nics - a few exam­ples
  2. Histo­ri­cal expe­ri­ments and appa­ra­tus
  3. Pho­to­gram­me­try as sim­ple but effec­tive 3D scan­ning method

Che­mi­stry - last but not least:

  1. From my col­lec­tion of che­mi­lu­mi­ne­scent com­po­unds
  2. The Joy of the Che­mi­cal Syn­the­sis

Marek Ples