Weird Science


The author of this web­site and mate­rials pre­sen­ted here is me - Marek Ples. I am a bio­tech­no­lo­gist by edu­ca­tion - this science per­fec­tly com­bi­nes bio­lo­gi­cal, medi­cal, che­mi­cal and phy­si­cal fields of science. In the past, I was invo­lved in prac­ti­cal issues in the field of gene­tics and medi­cine - in par­ti­cu­lar, tre­at­ment of burns and tran­s­plan­ta­tion. I am cur­ren­tly wor­king on my PhD in Bio­me­di­cal Engi­ne­e­ring.

I am also the author of tens of artic­les in fields of medi­cine, bio­logy, che­mi­stry and phy­sics - both in peer-revie­wed scien­ti­fic jour­nals, as well as in popu­lar scien­ti­fic ones. Biblio­gra­phy in chro­no­lo­gi­cal order is ava­i­la­ble here.


One of mani­fe­sta­tions of my pas­sion for science popu­la­ri­za­tion is cre­a­tion of pri­vate pro­ject Weird­Science, and thus this web­site.


I am happy to work with all forms of know­ledge popu­la­ri­za­tion in men­tio­ned science fields. I have been inte­re­sted in natu­ral scien­ces and elec­tro­nics for a very long time, actu­ally since early chil­dhood. For­tu­na­tely, my inte­re­sts met with under­stan­ding of my family.

Pro­fes­sor Jan Gaj in his book "Labo­ra­to­rium fizyczne w domu" (eng. "The Phy­sics Labo­ra­tory at Home") wrote that a phy­si­cist is a man who did not grow up from ope­ning his grand­fa­ther's watch only to find out what is inside and how it actu­ally works. I think that this idea can be exten­ded to repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of all natu­ral scien­ces. In my opi­nion, the con­stant repe­ti­tion of the spell "What-How-Why?" allows you to under­stand the world and appre­ciate its beauty.


Apart from mat­ters which inte­rest me, which I pre­sen­ted on this web­site, I also take inte­rest in other fields and acti­vi­ties. I love good books and movies and I am pas­sio­nate about clas­si­cal music, but not only. Con­tem­po­rary music also has a lot to offer.

If you would like to exchange any of your tho­u­ghts with me, ple­ase feel free to con­tact me. You can find con­tact deta­ils here.

Marek Ples